Videosoziologie – Audiovisuelle Kulturen der Selbstthematisierung

Videolab at the Institut für Soziologie

The Videolab of the Research Unit General Sociology and Theories of modern Society is a scientific facility for the analysis of films, videos, and videographic data as well as for videographic field research. Also, the members of the laboratory collaborate in the development of formats of sociological film and the interactive documentation of research in visual sociology. It was founded in 2004 as a teaching reform project and research facility. It serves as a space for the intersection of academic learning and research.

Centrepiece of the lab is a collective research situation: behind a semi-circle table is a 50inch Monitor; chairs in front of it seat up to eight people. In a casual seating order, we watch and discuss videos, photos, films and other audiovisual materials. Sometimes these are extensive corpora of material, sometimes it is only a sequence of 5 seconds duration which requires attention. In the interpretation sessions, all participants are on an equal footing, and spontaneous observations can be voiced as much as theoretical speculations referring to the visual material.

Additionally, the videolab loans out 20 videocameras from basic to semi-professional quality, tripods, gps trackers and other equipment.

On Wednesdays between 14:15 and 15:45, the weekly interpretation session of the videolab is scheduled. Here you can find the timetable of the current sessions aktuellen Termine for data sessions.

For requests, or the scheduling of a session, please contact Christoph Nagel by E-Mail or Boris Traue (boris.traue[aett]